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Our Story

Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya- Sisters Led Youth Empowerment Initiative (AOSK-SLYI) was founded in 2020 to respond to the various challenges that confronted the youth including unemployment, depression, drugs, and substance abuse, toxic sexual relationships, and sexuality issues among others. The program, therefore, developed various initiatives, targeting youth aged 15-25 years in technical training institutions and from the neighbouring parishes.
The main focus of the project is on youth empowerment through technical training, mentorship, and financing start-up businesses for the youth.

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Strategic Objectives

Strategic objectives drive priority setting, resource allocation, capability requirements and budgeting activities.


Partner with Catholic technical training institutions to deliver vocational training to sustainably impact technical skills to vulnerable and disadvantaged youth.


Disadvantaged and vulnerable youth aged 15 -25 have improved technical and vocational skills and use the skills for self-sustainability.


Improved community-based outreach programs for the disadvantaged and vulnerable youth

To achieve

Enhanced skills development and job-creating opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged youth between 15 and 25 years old.

We believe that..

IF youth are supported financially to pursue technical courses and entrepreneurship training and IF these youths receive mentorship, leadership empowerment, and grants for start-up businesses THEN the targeted youth will enjoy an improved quality of life and contribute meaningfully to the nation.

So far so good..

AOSK-SLYI has achieved significant milestones in youth empowerment, with 52 youth businesses having been established having a success rate of over 60%. The project has offered psychosocial support forums to 6,833 youth, addressing pertinent issues affecting the youth including drugs and substance abuse, human trafficking, relationships, sexuality, and technology among others. Among these, 74 youth champions were identified and trained to continue supporting their peers, for the sustainability of youth mentorship.

  • 473 youth have been supported to access technical training.
  • Regional businesses have been established in 5 regions to increase youth employability as well as enhance training sustainability.
  • Supporting the institutions procure training infrastructure, part of which is being appropriated for institutional sustainability.

Generally, the project is on a positive trajectory towards achieving its main goal of enhanced skills development and job-creating opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged youth aged 15 to 25 years.

Our patners and stakeholders

The project is implemented in partnership with 24 religious congregations of Catholic sisters, 5 of Catholic brothers, and 2 Catholic priests in 18 AUs/ dioceses across the country; KCCB and various youth programs in both the county and the national government including Youth Enterprise Development Fund, Women Fund and National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) among others.

AOSK-SLYI 2023 Workplan

A calender of activities to be carried on by AOSK-SLYI in the year 2023.

Date: January

Venue: AOSK- Dimesse Sisters


To hold a workshop with 72 youth who are passionate about running their own businesses and train them on business start-ups and other logistics

Date: February/March

Venue: AOSK- Parishes


To sub grant 72 youth in starting small business enterprises for self-sustainability.

Date: September

Venue: 36 technical training institutions


To organize collaborative meetings between the 36 technical training institutions and officials from the government youth programs, especially the county government, for the sustainability of the youth businesses and the institutions.

Date: October

Venue: 36 technical training institutions


To organize 1 inter-institutional innovation challenge for youth of the 36 technical training institutions to enhance creativity and innovation among the youth

Date: April

Venue: 36 technical training institutions


To mentor 6480 youth from 2 neighbouring parishes of the 36 technical training institutions on the emerging issues among the youth including drugs and substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, sexuality, early marriage etc.

Date: April

Venue: Dimesse retreat centre


To organize a refresher workshop with 74 youth champions on issues, human trafficking, SGBV, mental health, drugs and substance abuse and relationship and document the lessons learnt from their trainings

Date: June

Venue: 17 AUs


To organize 34 community clean-up and tree planting environmental activities in the 17 AUs to foster environmental stewardship, networking and campaign against lawlessness among the youth.

Date: May

Venue: 17 AUs


To organize 34 joint sporting activities in 17 AUs to foster networking and unity towards youth transformation.

Date: November

Venue: Dimesse Sisters- Karen


To organize Annual General Meetings for the administrators and youth, for evaluation, reflection, and learning.

Date: October & November

Venue: TTIs


To Conduct AOSK - SLYI Program Monitoring and Evaluation with internal and external evaluators [produce documentation and video documentary of the program impact

Date: February & March

Venue: TTIs


Mid-Evaluation for AOSK-SLYI

Date: June, July & August

Venue: TTIs


Comprehensive needs assessment on empowerment of parish youth, peer-to-peer mentorship, and empowerment of teenage mothers.

Our Team

Meet the amazing team behind AOSK-SLYI working to make youths lives better everyday.

Sr. Mercy Mwayi, FSSJ

AOSK-SLYI Program Manager

Mrs. Caroline Wamiti

AOSK-SLYI Program Officer