Pyschosocial Initiatives

Pyschosocial workshops held by AOSK-SLYI not only help the youth who participated but also their parents and guardians because they can attest to the positive changes in the moral behaviour of the youth.

Improvement Of Infrastructure

Purchase of new equipment facilitated by AOSK-SLYI has enabled the youth reduce costs significantly in their day-to-day operations. Youths can now earn an income from machines such as sublimation printers provided by AOSK-SLYI.

Equipping Technical Institutions

Through AOSK-SLYI support of Kshs. 500,000, the institution has been able to gradually equip students with the necessary tools and equipment for different departments i.e plumbing, catering, ICT, garment making

Environmental Initiatives

AOSK-SLYI has enabled youth to participate in environment day activities by funding the initative. Students cleaned nearby markets and planted trees to join the world in celebrating environment day. This activities had a positive impact on the surrounding community.

Joint Sporting Activities

AOSK-SLYI helped organize a sporting event to empower students on both mental and physical health. These activities gave a lot of youths a new focus area which could help them avoid getting in trouble altogether. Youths requested that such sporting activities should take place oftenly.

Collaboarative Forums

A collaborative meeting facilitated by AOSK-SLYI brought together different stakeholders who included Ajira Kenya representatives and the area MCA to discuss issues affecting youths in the community. The invited guests promised to support students in fees payments. They also educated youths how to be job creators.

Education Scholarship Intiatives

AOSK-SLYI in collaboration with the school adminstration, identified 10 students who had an interest in studying but lacked enough fees to get them through for their education. AOSK-SLYI paid full tuition fees for these students and they can finish their education without worry.

Youth Businesses and Startups

In 2020, AOSK-SLYI aiming to make youth self reliant, gave financial support to start businesses. the groups that were selected to take part in this program were Cafeteria, Beauty therapy, Tailoring and ICT. Only the tailoring shop and the beauty shop were able to survive although most equipments from those businesses that failed were salvaged.